Sunday, October 30, 2011

Days of the Week art journal page

I started on this journal page the other day. Sometimes i journal in a small
art journal as you have seen before but usually my Modus Operandi is to journal
on loose pieces of cardstock. I use a clipboard as a base and then happily
create away. This time i began drawing and inking in only to find that the
piece of paper was not cardstock but just flimsy paper….ack! So i guess I’ll
have to glue this one onto a piece of cardstock to make it more durable.

I think a fun way to art journal is to create a box for each day of the week
– or as many or as few as you like and then journal away. I have seen folks do
this on the net for quite some time now. It lends itself well to my doodley
kind of drawing. As you can see this page is not finished. I need to add lots
more colour.
I’m hoping that the top left corner will remain empty (i have
difficulty with negative space ) but I’m guessing it won’t! If you have difficulty coming up with what to journal about this idea might just be for you! Anything goes and is fodder for
the page – even making lentil soup! The lentil soup by the way is an add on – i
forgot to leave space for it and so created it on a separate piece of paper and
then glued it down.
Here is the finished page - as you can see i ended up putting a rose sticker in the top left corner!

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