Friday, October 28, 2011

Limited View

Diana here.

Traveling is always an eye opening experience and my trip to in Italy last April exposed me to so many people, ideas and views. One of the best words I learned is "scorcio" (skor' che o). The word means "limited view." And my little metaphorical mind went to work on this one.

Isn't that all we have of everything? Only this partial view of the whole. People we meet and know well, for instance: we can only know anyone (thing) through our our experiences. This intrigues me. It means we have a whole bunch more to learn!

This sketch from my Italy journal is of the house up the hill from Maggie's B&B near Fabriano. This was where we got our wine from the older couple who harvest their grapes down the hill a bit and make the wine themselves.

Here is a picture of Maggie and the winemaker's wife. She was a bit embarrassed by her apron and wanted to take it off. But I love this photo! She has a life! and her hands are a testimony to that. Yet again, a limited view, judged from my American urban standards. Let me tell you, that was a danged fine wine.

And finally, my Italy embedded "sketch. A large sheet of paper I worked on one sunny morning in Maggie's garden. As little leaves fell and bugs landed, I drew around them and splashed paint and made rubbings and rubbed it with rosemary. My (limited) view of Maggie's garden. A sketch that I cherish.

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  1. I do agree with you, traveling abroad is one of the great experiences one can have have. In French we say : "Les voyages forment la jeunesse" Isn't so ?!