Friday, October 28, 2011

My Point of View

Hi all, Jill K. Berry here. I recently drew a map that was from my point of view as a teenager. That is to say, a few years back. It was interesting trying to conjure up how it felt to be that age again, and get the perspective back of a young, inexperienced person. Here are some details of the map, which is a combination of pens, watercolor, gouache and dye inks.

My grandparents lived in Newport, California, and I grew up going there every weekend. The first time I saw John Wayne I was seven. He was bald as an egg, and all the women around were swooning over him. Made no sense to me then (it does now). I drew him with a Stabilo pencil and water.

Richard Nixon lived south of us, and was the reason my sister Jana lost her young faith in the electoral system, for a while at least.

As children it was easy to believe the Undertoad would get us if we went out too far. If that happened, we were told to swim parallel to the shore. Was never sure why that would make a difference to a giant toad who wanted to eat us.

This part of California is now covered with multi-million dollar homes. The beaches are hard to get to, and crowded. I am so very glad to have had the time I had there, with my grandparents and family and the point of view of a teenage girl.

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