Monday, October 31, 2011

October Sketchbook Challenge: View by Violette

Violette here!

I sketched and coloured this castle while i was on the plane the other day.When i pulled out my little Strathmore Sketchbook on the plane i asked myself
what i wanted to draw. It was like consulting my Inner GPS. As
soon as i did so a thought came to me about creating a dreamy castle or set of
buildings. So i came up with this funky combo which was created with micron
pens, copic markers and pencil crayons. As you know working on an airplane is a
bit difficult – a tight squeeze. I had my pens all in a Ziploc baggy so they
were easy to access. This illustration reminds me a bit of the work of Tomie
the author and artist of the children’s book Strega
Nona. I used to enjoy reading this story to my kids when they were
little. Tomie’s books were populated by fantasy buildings and interesting
Next I created a floating head which i envisioned as a woman dreaming of a
possible future. Again i used micron pens, copic markers and water colour pencil

As you can see I cut out the castle and popped it on top of my dreamy head.

The Sketchbook Challenge Theme for October is “VIEW” – it’s by Carol Sloan. I know
I’m late in posting it but here it is. I hope many of you are still playing
along? I felt my mixed media piece fits perfectly in with this theme. The woman
has a view but the view is not a physical one it’s inside her head. She is
visualizing a future – a magical future that doesn’t yet exist out in the real
world. As I consult with my Inner GPS I know that there are to
be clouds in the air and some words about dreaming but how they will show up I
don’t quite know. So I’ll leave this piece lying around until the right and
perfect words pop into my head!
I hope you enjoyed my October challenge - i had fun with it!

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