Saturday, October 29, 2011

A view of my desk

my studio table october 22_2011
Jane LaFazio here. Several of my fellow artists have posted pics of their studios. My studio is not quite ready for that kind of exposure yet (more like shame) so I'm showing you a view of my studio table, as I work on a page in my sketchbook.  


  1. I have a little hand-lettered note posted at the entrance to my studio: "Martha Stewart does not live here." It explains everything!

  2. I love it- It's lovely,Thanks for visiting me too.

  3. My quilting space (right now the kitchen and living room) often looks like that (my poor bf!!)..PS- I love the tiles on your table!!

  4. Pretty colors in your display.

    Listen, my "studio" is currently a tote bag that gets spread across the couch and floor while I am working. I have to clear it off when people want to come sit down. Yours can't be worse than that.

  5. I'm so glad, it sounds like you have a real studio; the ones in magazines really annoy me as I bet they've taken loads of tidying to get them to that state!
    Love all the inspiration on your table :)