Tuesday, October 25, 2011

views - viewing

Laura, here after being AWOL for a bit.
This Summer while doing a lot of secluded mountain time I spent my mornings working on the cabin and the clean up around it and finding treasures! Bits of wood, unusual in their form or texture, very appealing to me. In the afternoons, working in my sketchbooks, I began noticing a few things that led me to some realizations and questions.

For decades now most of my art has been informed by my view and observation of the natural world: the marks of time, the marks of the elements on rock, wood and soil. It's always been my sense that these micro-cosmic markings reflect macro-cosmic pattern. At any rate, for me, they never wear thin. They continue to inspire, to ask me questions. And I collect things.

This Summer it seemed to me that something interesting might happen if instead of translating or, interpreting from the objects, I worked with them directly.
It didn't take long to find my wood carving tools, to begin to peel away the dead dry extra material, to find the essential forms.

Here are some peices in process. Gel medium is involved as are beads... questions remain: will these be wall pieces, suspended or mounted? we'll see.

sides one and two of what will probably remain unembellished, but mounted for the wall:

This is the piece that began the adventure. Pearls, garnets and feathers are being added, not much is being taken away.

Below is my favorite right now although the effort to create the right wings is being a challenge. She's a wood spirit but stubborn.

When you view your world, when you notice patterns in your sketchbooks, does this lead you to new places in your art?
Our sketchbooks can help us identify what motivates us as artists, can be rich sources for new work, and can help us ask ourselves interesting questions.

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  1. I do not often dare to 'enhance' nature. I even tried enhancing a book
    because I revered it- I could not improve upon it... We can try having conversations with things in nature though. They enhance us I think.Thanks.