Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Prize Winners!

Chosen by random draw, the winners of the November prizes are...
(click on the winners names to see their sketchbook page)
Winners must email Sue at with their full name and mailing address by 12/14/11 in order to claim their prize.

The winner is:  Sue Tincher Maib

The winner is:  Lins Art

The winner is: Shawn-Shine

Also from Dharma Trading:
The winner is: gina28marie
Making Your Mark. Creating cloth for imagery, stitch, embroidery & embellishment.

Thank you to everyone who posted photos in the flickr group and congratulations to all the winners! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


imaginary animals
Jane LaFazio here. This was a challenge for me. As you know, I'm more comfortable with realistic subjects (and I don't care for science fiction, and I prefer non-fiction). I started with page of quick continuous line drawings (straight to ink) that I did for the demos when some of the Sketchbook Challenge artists taught a one hour workshop at Make It University at the Houston Quilt Festival earlier this month.
Then, I squinted and strained and tried to fine creatures in the line drawings...
Carla, I think I need to work some more with your wonderful book, Drawing Lab, to get my imagination out of the cobwebs.
imaginary animals

imaginary animals

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Meerakeet!

Leslie again.  I had so much fun with the yesterday, I thought I would offer another imaginary creature today!  Behold, the Meerakeet!
I have a collection of these fun little plastic animals,
a carryover from when my daughters were young.
I love them.

So...what happens when we morph these two creatures together?
I like that she looks like she is wearing the bird suit sort of like a barrel.
Perhaps I should add some straps!

The first bit of gouache is applied.

Again, I added shading to anchor the creature to the surface.
Look at the cast shadows beneath or around what you are drawing.
They add a great deal to your work.
I decided to mount the drawing/painting onto another paper
that was overpainted with soy wax resist.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Leslie here.  I love the idea of creating imaginary animals and my contribution to this whimsy is the, drumroll please, "Pincushadillo".  What is it, you say?  Well, I drew my vintage "head" pincushion, a holiday gift from my daughter, Luren, and joined it to a drawing of my tiny plastic armadillo.

For added whimsy, I purposely drew the head out of proportion to the dillo body.
Now, I'm beginning to work back into the drawing with my gouache paints.

In addition to the creature, I am adding some shadowing under her body to 
"ground" her to the painting.  Otherwise, she will look as though 
she is floating on the paper.

Her head was created from some sort of ribbed knit.
I'll add some lines to give a sense of the texture of the ribbing after the gouache dries.

I decided to use a pigma pen to add the ribbing to the head.
Also, I added more shadowing under the body.

Here she is!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Imaginary Animal by Violette Clark

Violette here .......

Imaginary animal on wheels – supplies
used – pencil, micron pen, copic markers and coloured pencils.

The November theme is
Imaginary Animals! It’s by the talented Carla Sonheim !
What a fun theme – I had a blast working on this creature while watching the TV
show New Girl – I generally like to DO something while watching the tube and
often it’s drawing .

This guy doesn’t have a name yet. As i was drawing him I gave him a human nose
but then i heard a whisper that he wanted a beak – sort of like an owl so a beak
it is! Wouldn’t this guy look great on a random journal page? Have you tried
Carla’s challenge yet? If not why not give it a go – it’s easy and fun and
there are no rules! How cool is that?


Love, Violette

Friday, November 25, 2011


Carol here again.

I thought that I'd show you the last (or latest) imaginary animal that came out of my sketchbook.
This is a "Giraffasaurus" - a friendly and curious vegetarian.

He is also part of the paperback book line that will be shown to the public this holiday season at "Spill The Beans" in Greenville SC on November 26.
Come by and meet me and many other artists that will be showing (and selling) their wares.
I've got a few other curious animals waiting anxiously for a new home...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quirky Animal Paintings

Susan Sorrell-For this November's theme, I have been working on a series of quirky animal paintings...mainly dogs, since everyone love their dog babies. Here are a couple of my sketches and paintings. :)

The dog paintings have become so popular, I am doing dog portraits for friends!

Also, I am doing some fun ones and birds too! This month's challenge got out of hand and now I have found a new way to make a little cash! :) You never know what will happens if you do something different!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Carol Sloan here.

From the moment that my pen touched the paper for this month's theme,
I have been so inspired to keep drawing!

I've done six drawings and made (so far) four books using these drawings.

Here is the latest -
called a "Catasaurus"

I've made a small paperback book using this watercolor painting.
I am participating in an artists holiday fair (type thing) in Greenville SC on Nov. 26 at "Spill The Beans" where I will be selling (and showing) these cute books and many other handmade items.
If you're in the area, come by and see me!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jane's Imaginary Animals

Jane Davies here with my take on Carla's theme. I had such fun with this, and it got me drawing, which I have been doing way too infrequently.

I played with text, collage, and paint on this one:

This one of my chicken (Buffy, the Buff Orpington) isn't showing up that well, but I thought I would post it anyway. I'll do more of The Girls.

My cat:

A giraffe (thanks for the inspiration, Carla) speaking a mysterious giraffe language:

The contractor working on my house renovations:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special Guest Sketchbook Participant Profile: Carol Wiebe

Carol Weibe considers art a bridge...

I use it to cross from ordinary, everyday life into “another country.” This place is akin to a dream “landscape.” Colors are brighter, more intense. When I am there, time has little meaning, at least temporal time. There is a sense, rather, of being part of eternity. I simply follow the dictates of my hands and heart. Intuition is magnified. I have frequent conversations with angels and archetypes. We speak symbolically: everything is rich with meaning, and import. I am given tasks to attempt, and insights about how to perform them. My spirit sings ~ it feels completely, blissfully, at home.

How has the sketchbook challenge influenced your sketchbook keeping practice?
I am actually fairly new to sketchbook keeping. I subscribed to this notion of “Why make a sketchbook page when you can make a piece of art for the wall instead?” However, after reading many testimonies from artists, waxing eloquent about how sketchbook practice contributed to their development in significant ways, I decided to give it a try.
That is the reason I joined the Sketchbook Challenge ~ as an extra motivation to encourage me to work in this mode.

Tell me how you're approaching each challenge - do you jump right in and start sketching as soon as the new challenge word is posted or do you reflect on it first? 
This may sound like I’m evading a straight answer, but it’s both. As an artist who is in love with process, I start a work by doing something spontaneous and using that to discover what to do next. But then I reflect on what I’ve done, while encouraging my mind to roam the universe, sniffing out clues that pertain to the given stimulus. The more far fetched these associations are, the more fun I have retrieving and playing with them. After a while, I sense it’s time to paint, draw, and stitch again. I’m constantly going back and forth, juggling like mad. It’s exhilarating.

Do you work in just one at a time or do you have several going at once?

I always have a number of works on the go. While one work is drying, another is being painted, and another is in flurry mode (a storm of collage, painting, stitching, etc.). I do the same thing with reading; I can never read just one book at a time.

What's your preferred format (sketchbook size, type of paper, single sheet, spiral bound etc?) and have you found your preferred medium for using in your sketchbook? watercolor, pen, pencil, crayon, collage etc?
It is important to me that I create the book as well as fill the pages, so my preferred format is to make my own books to work in. Most of them are 8 ½” by 11,” a few are half that size. The pages are really small paper quilts, with crocheted edges that I sew together at the spine. Collage is essential to my process, and much of it is also stitched before I adhere it to the surface. The collage materials I use are all my own printed papers, which began as paintings, drawings or digital artwork. Acrylic paint is my preferred medium, but I also use pencil crayons, pastel, Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils, Caran d'Ache watersoluble neocolors and ink. Come to think of it, I’ll throw just about anything colorful at a page!

Anything else you'd like to add?
My latest book has the title “Engagement.” In my view, being engaged with the world is the most important kind of engagement there is, though many would read that word and immediately visualize a diamond on someone’s finger. The pages I’ve created have a hole in one (no, I’m not a golfer) that allows you to view an orange haired woman on one side, and an orange sphere on the other. A poem accompanies this book, which will be housed in a pocket on the back cover.

I am always delighted by the myriad of interpretations artists bring to each theme in the Sketchbook Challenge. I have also found the contributions by the hosts of the challenge to be stimulating and informative.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

KC the little kitty cat

Carol here.

We have a new visitor at the Sloan house.
A little kitty cat (hence the KC) that is slowly stealing our hearts...

They can do that, can't they?

Here he is sitting on top of a stump that was a part of the Bradford Pear tree in our yard.
He was busy grooming himself when I took a series of photos of him.

Now, even though I like realistic drawn cats, I'm not to fond of actually drawing them myself.
So I decided to take Carla's theme and draw what my imagination sees of this handsome kitty.

Here's what I came up with.

 I drew this one in a split second on a scrap of watercolor paper. I really liked the goofy look on his face so I had to draw another one on a larger piece of paper.
And add a little sky behind him.
I'm thinking that these would make the cutest cards and book covers, eh?

He doesn't really wear pink claw polish, I just wanted to add that...
His butt really is that little though...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leonardo and Me

Diana here with some old drawings. I hate to admit this but they must be 25-30 years old. Carla's Imaginary Creatures prompt sent me scurrying through my old files.

Leonardo's recipe for a drawing a creature or monster from Treatise on Painting ...

"Take the head of a mastiff or a setter, 
the eyes of a cat, the ears of a porcupine, 
the nose of a greyhound,
 the eyebrows of a lion,
the temples of an old cock, 
and the neck of a turtle.”

I'm always dreamin' of Leonardo, like here

More drawings from back in the day. All of these were done in pencil.

Mom on the beach

The Sentry

Bad Seahorse in prison

These drawings, though I didn't know it at the time, were the beginnings of my NorthEast Kingdom series of paintings, drawings and watercolors. It was very fun to be reminded of those days and see the way my drawing has evolved. These are so much more technical than what I currently do! I am itching to make the head on the Beach Bird about 3 times bigger. 

You can read a little bit about the NorthEast Kingdom on my website, here and see some of my artwork (citizens and architecture) here

By the way, there is a terrific blog hop going on right now: eleven tutes by the end. You can check out the details on my blog.

See you soon with some more (current) creature drawings.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Text Collage and the E-Zine

Hi. Jane Davies here. I got so inspired by Kelli Nina Perkins' article in our new Sketchbook Challenge E-zine, I made this collage with text. Even though I do use text in some of my collages, and am teaching an online class called "Text and Image: Telling Stories in Collage", Kelli's take on it was so different from my usual way of working, it really expanded my horizons.

I started with a sketch I did about a year ago of a hotel room desk chair:

Then I placed text in and around the drawing, choosing some words to be legible, and other text as background texture:

I applied some acrylic paint, obscuring some text, and giving the piece a more picture-like aspect.

Kelli shows several ways of incorporating text collage into a drawing in her E-zine article. Hers is only one of the many technique-filled how-to's from our Sketchbook Challenge hosts! Take a look inside.