Saturday, November 26, 2011

Imaginary Animal by Violette Clark

Violette here .......

Imaginary animal on wheels – supplies
used – pencil, micron pen, copic markers and coloured pencils.

The November theme is
Imaginary Animals! It’s by the talented Carla Sonheim !
What a fun theme – I had a blast working on this creature while watching the TV
show New Girl – I generally like to DO something while watching the tube and
often it’s drawing .

This guy doesn’t have a name yet. As i was drawing him I gave him a human nose
but then i heard a whisper that he wanted a beak – sort of like an owl so a beak
it is! Wouldn’t this guy look great on a random journal page? Have you tried
Carla’s challenge yet? If not why not give it a go – it’s easy and fun and
there are no rules! How cool is that?


Love, Violette

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