Thursday, November 10, 2011

Imaginary Creatures

One of my favorite artists and illustrators is named Omar Rayyan.
Fluffy, by Omar Rayyan
on etsy
Contessa with Squid, by Omar Rayyan
prints on Etsy
I think I have the same, just slightly twisted and humorous imagination that he does. I smile whenever I see his work.  I don't have his prodigious experience and the natural results of his due diligence with color and brush.

But last night right before bed I started scribbling and a few seconds later I had a long necked goat with wings and fangs. No idea at the beginning what it was going to be. But there you go. Fun to be had with pencil in hand. 

Remember way back when with my "how to draw a face" video tutorial at the beginning of the year? I think I've come a long way with the pics. This is from a photo.

These two are from my imagination and scribbled quickly.
I'm just at the beginning of my due diligence.

And I'm having fun.
Are you?


  1. What fun! I'll have to check for more-somewhere between dark and laughter! Dry humor is good- subtle too...Thanks.

  2. That next to last face image in the post is quite striking Lyric - nicely done.