Thursday, November 3, 2011


Carol Sloan here.

Well, it definitely is imaginary...but maybe not an animal.
It could double as a guardian animal, I suppose.
Yeah, yeah that's what it is!
It's a guard animal.
Guaranteed to safe-guard you and your home.

I don't know about you all but I go from one kernel of inspiration to another these days.
I was stuck on trees for a while, then birds, then horses, women's faces and now robots.

Yeah - like how did that happen?

I bought a piece of paper with robots on it from an art supply store that Liz Kettle, Judy Gula and I went to when we were all at "Textile Evolution" with Liz this summer.
Ever since I purchased the paper, I've been itching to draw and paint a few robots. When I unearthed the paper this past week, it really brought back the I promptly dropped all the "should be doing" projects for the latest "have to do" bolt of inspiration.

Here's one of my friendly imaginary guardians.
Hope that you enjoy looking at him as much as I enjoyed creating him!