Monday, November 28, 2011

The Meerakeet!

Leslie again.  I had so much fun with the yesterday, I thought I would offer another imaginary creature today!  Behold, the Meerakeet!
I have a collection of these fun little plastic animals,
a carryover from when my daughters were young.
I love them.

So...what happens when we morph these two creatures together?
I like that she looks like she is wearing the bird suit sort of like a barrel.
Perhaps I should add some straps!

The first bit of gouache is applied.

Again, I added shading to anchor the creature to the surface.
Look at the cast shadows beneath or around what you are drawing.
They add a great deal to your work.
I decided to mount the drawing/painting onto another paper
that was overpainted with soy wax resist.


  1. If you draw another meerakeet, will they breed? Because I want a baby meerakeet for my own! I love your imagination, not to mention your skill!

  2. LOL Linda! I want one, too! This combines two of my favorite creatures. Wouldn't a "real" one of these be fun?!