Saturday, December 3, 2011

Images in a pile of plastic...

Sue B here...

Sketchbook Challenge participant Jackie Bowcutt recently came across a pile of plastic waste that turned out to be inspiration for this months theme.  When I saw her photos posted on the flickr group I was entranced and asked Jackie to share her process of making the images she saw in the pile of plastic come to life on the pages of her sketchbook....

Trashed, ruined and decay is one of my favourite themes.I came across some piles of waste plastic which looked as if they had been dumped waiting for further disposal.  The looked so out of place amidst the surrounding fields.

They were tied up with rusting wire which made them even more fascinating.  The swathes of plastic were like flowing robes.

In one I could see a mother with her face hidden as she swaddled her baby.  I took lots of photographs, which I then drew from. Having seen the mother and child I started to notice pictures in magazines which related to it; I think this happens without thinking as one uses a sketchbook and works with particular images.

In photo shop I put a transparent layer over one of the photos which I had enlarged and traced some of the outlines.  On top of some of these images I put a coloured gradient and after printing them I cut some of the images out.

Thank you Jackie for allowing me to share your photos on the Sketchbook Challenge blog.  I don't think we'll walk past a pile of trash without stopping for a second look from now on!

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  1. I know I am a bit late commenting on this Post (!) but I wanted to say how interesting I thought the journey from inspiration to printed idea was. Thank you for sharing.