Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rescue Book Portfolio

Diana here with another Recycling Bin Journal and who doesn't like the sound of "just about free" this time of year. Diana here with Ta Da! The Rescue Book Portfolio.

Caution wear dark glasses and a fake mustache while rooting through your neighbors' recycling bin.


  1. can you say what it is that you mixed in with the PVA glue. and can you say why? What does it do which straight PVA wouldn't? Thanks,
    Sandy in the UK

  2. @Sandy - found this info in regard to your question about Methyl Cellulose - "Used as an adhesive alone or mixed with Wheat Paste or PVA. Increase the drying time of PVA allowing for more repositioning. For bookmaking and box making."

    Hope that helps - helped me!

  3. Was just browsing around tonight and found your video. When and only when old books finally crumble, I always see what I can harvest: old pictures, words...Thanks for this post. What a great, easy way to give new life to the discarded boards.