Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trash to Cool Page Layer!

Leslie here.  I love to pull an old, unloved sample out of my junk bag (doesn't everyone have one or two of these bags?!) and fiddle around with it again.  In this case, I am playing with a piece of cheap, polyester curtain sheer, the kind that you get from Joann's or a home-dec center.  Previously, I had laminated paper to this sheer using matte medium.  I wasn't very happy with the outcome so I used the sheer to experiment with some stamping.  I like the effect of the layers, but it was just an experiment so I tossed it back into the grab bag.
Today, I decided to add it as a page layer.
Here is the sheer.  Note the ragged-looking paper in the background.

stamping was done with a Colouricious stamp and acrylic paint

Mistyfuse (I buy it by the roll from the website).

Between two teflon pressing sheets, I fuse it with a dry iron at medium setting.

Next, I positioned the fused sheer over my pages, over which I had previously written.
After fusing, I trimmed around the edges.

Next, I used my wonderful Pentel Gel Roller pen for fabric and worked back into the design.

Next, I did the same with one of my Sakura Gelly Roll pens.
Love them!

This page could be considered "finished", but I may add another layer of writing, or perhaps collage yet another element over this surface.  Any type of fabric (or paper!) will work for this process.  Try it!


  1. I'm really enjoying seeing how things that have been 'trashed' are being brought back to life. I'm great at thinking that something didn't come out well and putting it aside but I'm not so good at coming back to it with a different attitude and trying something new. I definitely feel inspired to try now :)

  2. One of the best things about the "trash" is that we consider it "non-precious" and are willing to take more chances with it. You can't really mess it up, because, well, you already did it, right?!

  3. What a great idea, leslie. I think I will have to have a go at your lamination process, now. I have watched the video quite a few times and now I will just have to do it. Also, you have inspired me to try painted fusible in the same way on my pages, perhaps with some organza for the stickiness, mmm.....

  4. love the blending of fabricie things and journal pages. thanks Leslie!

  5. Fun tutorial and I have some old sheer fabric somewhere in my stash ..... now to find it!

  6. love this idea - I'm going to dig out those sheer curtains I stuffed into the storage area and do some laminating.

  7. Leslie, I share your love of trash, as you know. Isn't it great to view all pieces as "work in progress?" You are the queen of this. I applaud you.