Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi Doodlers, Diana here, with the driving question: What distinguishes a Doodle from a Drawing? Lyric started the conversation here. Yep, it doesn't much matter, really. Anything that gets your pen moving is a good thing.

The Doodle Theme tip-toed into my mind just ahead of pondering the difference between "sketch" and "doodle."  To me, doodling is automatic. Your mind is engaged elsewhere when you doodle. You are not thinking about making a "good" doodle and your inhibitions are off the leash. This type of drawing gives you an important clue into your own personal un-selfconscious mind. Drawing is intention-based. You intend to draw a bird, a heart or your vacation house in the Alps.

Drawing, with intent
The above doodle started off mindlessly. I was just messing around with a gray Pitt pen. Then a little thought marched into my head, and was written down and intent came into the picture. 

Out came the full range of Pitt pens and what was a doodle, became a full color drawing in my journal.

Some of the best doodles come from long meetings with lots of participants. Bring your pen.


  1. Hey, Diana, THANKS for this! Yes, the unselfconscious aspect of doodling can be so valuable, and it can be a great jumping-off point. Love your piece.

  2. I love the last doodle on the lined paper!

  3. You're so right that doodling without intention is such an important part of the creative process. Easy to forget!


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