Thursday, February 16, 2012

Close Up Composition Ideas

Jane Davies here.  I would still like to try some CLOSE-UP sketches of things, but  I thought I would share with you one way I use close-ups in a practical way.
I often look for new composition ideas by cropping an existing piece of artwork in Photoshop.  This can also be done using a viewfinder made with two L-shaped pieces of paper or mat board, but you have the option of enlarging the cropped area if done digitally.  The above is an encaustic painting on paper, 9"x9", using wax (encaustic), collage, and India ink.  I scanned the piece, copied it several times, and made the following cropped images:

The next step will be to either do sketches from these images, or jump right in and start some new pieces of art using these as inspiration.  In any case, I will print them out and glue them into my sketchbook for reference.  It gives me a new perspective on existing work, and fresh ideas for new pieces.


  1. Your article reminds me I have to be more organized.
    I use close ups of old and/or bad work for new collages. The originals, that is..
    I tend to be too impatient and not organized at all.
    I like your compositions, as always!

  2. Yes!! I do the same thing and I love the new compositions that emerged from your work. Of course you started with great work :)

  3. I love the idea of breaking up a bigger image to create something new and abstract. It's one of the reasons i love working with photography even the dullest compositions have something interesting in them if you can crop them


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