Sunday, February 19, 2012

Self Portrait Project

Leslie here.  In addition to the inspiration I get from the Sketchbook Challenge I am also inspired by many of the things the Sketchbook Project is doing.  Take the Self Portrait Project, for example:

The Self-Portrait Project: 4 x 4

The many faces of the Art House Co-op community
What does our creative community look like? How do you see yourself when you close your eyes? The Self-Portrait Project is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the world — one canvas at a time. Whether you feel challenged to depict yourself in photographic detail or to abstract your personality in visual form, this project will bring together the many faces of the Art House community in our storefront project space. Each participating artist will receive an empty 4" x 4" canvas with the same mission: Show us who you are. The resulting wall of portraits will open thousands of windows into our community, sharing something about ourselves for the entire world to see.

I am thinking about participating in this small project, perhaps because it flows so nicely with the theme of the month, "Close-Up".  Click here for more details.  Who's in?

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  1. Great link Leslie! I'm really into self portraits this year and actually we'll be doing a whole three day session on them at Art Camp for Women in the fall. This looks like a fantastic place to express yourself! Can't wait to see how you paint that wild red hair of yours!