Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open book, open mind

Susan Brubaker Knapp here with two more sketches on the theme “open.” I have always found it very valuable to brainstorm. Here are a few more phrases that came to mind when I started thinking about this month’s theme:
  • open door
  • open window
  • open space
  • open house
  • open season
  • open mind
  • open book
  • open-ended
  • open mic(rophone)
  • open water
  • open bar
  • open sesame
  • open-toed (shoes)
  • open access
  • open hands
  • open heart
  • open heart surgery
Today, I decided to put two of these ideas – open mind, and open book – together. The sketch at the top of this post is the result. I am wondering if I need to add more of the squiggly tentacle things, or if I should have left them out altogether. The sketch may sit and brew for a while while I ponder this.

But again, I am loving the process of sketching type. 

I also started thinking about things that open, or devices that help us to open things, like zippers. This sketch is of my blue hooded jacket:

I love how sketching helps me slow down and look at the intricate details that are in front of my nose every day, and usually escape my notice.


  1. Fantastic zipper...I have to try that. And of course as a librarian you know your Open a Book speaks to me! Beautiful work Susan.

  2. Love this Susan! So cheerful! And of course, there is the zipper, my favorite. I love the fact that your artwork is so crisp and colorful.

  3. I love your art, especially the words. Man, you are so darn talented. WOW! Aloha.

  4. Beautifully rendered images. I love the Open Book idea, too. Thank you for sharing all your ideas!