Monday, April 23, 2012

Open Communication

Jamie Fingal checking in on this month's theme "Open."  After brainstorming on several ideas, I decided that I wanted to create a piece of artwork about 'Open Communication."  Communication is power.  And then to take it step further, I thought it would be fun to have all of the lettering 'open.'  I drew a grid in pencil, so that I could line up the text, as well as, the objects.  That is why you are seeing this in black and white.

Here is the entire drawing.  I used a Sharpie fine point for the black and painted it with watercolors.  It speaks to me.  Hope and Love to carry me through life.

A detail of the top and mid sections.  I really had fun with the lettering.  Peace like a river.

Who you are, and what you communicate. I love the quote 'speak the truth, even if your voice cracks.'

Kind words in open communication.  Have a delightful day!


  1. Really beautiful! I am really into words in art right now. Love the feeling of your work. :)

  2. That's fantastic. I love the idea and the execution of it. What an amazing transformation from the black and white to the color!

  3. Love, love, love this! Your work makes me feel so happy and optimistic, Jamie!

  4. I love the whole thing! Bright colors, wonderful sentiments and that quote!

  5. I love this it is so colourful - great drawings too.

  6. Really so interesting how you shared the process and the thoughtiness BEhind your process.

    I still feel like I mostly "lurk" on here, but little by little I seem to BE noticing changes happening in me and making my art.

    I DO "words-of-art" and "words-in-art" and for so long didn't have a clue "how-to" DO things. I guess what I am saying is that when someone is so generous as to break it down like this, I realise that I have found "A Path" up the mountain all the while discovering there are many paths up the mountain!!

    Thank YOU!!