Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open Space

Jane Davies here.  I've been a bit stymied by this theme, though it is very thought-provoking.  Open, openings, open space.  This year I've been working on Working Large, which you can see here and here.  I've also been admiring work that is spare, with a lot of breathing room and Open space.  As someone who tends to layer and layer and layer, leaving a lot of open space is a challenge.

So I thought I would start on sketchbook paper, 9"x11" loose sheets, and just make some open space:

After making the open space, I tried adding elements without crowding the space.  The first is simply one collage element on the background.  The second is some scribbling with white and gray oil pastel, and an Ink Doodle.

Then I moved on to my large pieces and did these two "starts" on 22"x30" paper.

    I don't know where any of this is going; I'm kind of out there on a limb.  This need to work large and to leave open space is leading me in new directions, and I have no idea where I will find myself.

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  1. Jane - I love seeing your experimenting and learning process. I'm always inspired by your work and even your early efforts...