Saturday, July 21, 2012

Circles by Janet Van Fleet

See Circular Statements
Jane Davies here.  I want to show you the work of another Vermont artist, Janet Van Fleet.  She has been working with circles for a very long time, and I was lucky enough to meet her recently at a gallery opening.  I'd seen her work at Studio Place Arts, where I teach occasionally, and where she is a founding member and has her studio. 

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Here is a little conversation I had with Janet via e-mail:

What do circles mean to you?
I have said in a statement about my "Circular Statements" body of work that circles "suggest to me individual units of being or matter, like motes in the sunlight. They represent, both formally and symbolically, all the different orders of magnitude, from sub-atomic particles through suns and galaxies."
Electrical box in Burlington, VT, painted by Janet
How did you come to use this format in your artwork?
I started making paintings of eggs, and later when I began to work with circles, I thought perhaps there was a connection with the previous shapes. The buttons just sort of popped out at me as a wonderful material -- they are like little jewels, they are connectors that attach one thing to another, and they are worn next to people's bodies, which seems intimate and of a nice, human scale. The front of a button is called the "face."

Janet does not use a sketchbook as such, but does sketch things out on paper.  I hope that does not violate the sensibility or purpose of this blog to post her work here; I just thought you'd like to see an artist who takes circles SERIOUSLY!!

See Circular Statements


  1. Janet's work is wonderful - I really love the button dress!

  2. Oh, wow—these are so cool! Thanks for the share!


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