Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Creating a pattern for you!

Desiree here with a different take on patterns. I have been thinking of patterns since they announced the challenge theme of the month. I work with patterns everyday, drawing them, painting them, designing with them. They are endless sources of repetitive shapes that can create chaos or rhythm , excitement or calm.
some recent patterns

 I just finished up some carved stamps of keys that I love, but there is also the definition of pattern as shared by Lyric in a previous post that says, 5a. standard way of moving, acting etc. That is where I would like to focus!! Creating a new personal pattern about creating art! Making time, creating time and actually making it a verb, an action word.  I would like to encourage you to create your own pattern of sketching or creating art regularly and maybe even SHARING it.
 I was up in Big Bear recently, we were with a group doing some jet skiing and water skiing when the skies opened up with lighting and thunder! We were pulled out of the lake and took refuge in a small diner type restaurant that overlooked the lake. We watched as the storm was trying to steal away our fun. As the group sat staring out the window I offered up some of my watercolor paper and watercolor pencils and asked them to paint something to pass the time ( I always have my paint supplies with me!)

Chris and I painting our mini masterpieces!

Many passed but a few took on the challenge and we had fun painting while the others watched. When we were done we decided to slide the paintings under the glass tops of the tables and leave them as small gifts for the next people to sit at our tables. A small act of kindness offered as a thank you before returning to the lake.

I posted our story on my blog and was told about a Facebook site where artists are leaving small pieces of art as a gift and posting about it. They are writing on the back that this is a gift of art, please take it, leave it or share it but please let us know where it has ended up and then an email address. I love the idea of sharing art, small onsite paintings left as gifts for someone to find and enjoy. It is that spirit of giving that makes this sketchbook challenge blog so wonderful, offering gifts of art each month to everyone. I have a sketching class this weekend, I am taking my students to a location to sketch and then have lunch. I  will also encourage them to leave a small painting or bookmark somewhere on location for someone else to enjoy. If you decide to share some art, please let me know! I would love to hear from you, post it on our flickr group site, share where you left your art! Make sure when you leave information on your art that you put this blog address to the sketchbook challenge so they can join us and post where they found the art, etc. I think it would be so much fun to try and find some of these gifts and photograph them waiting to be claimed.  A new pattern of paying it forward or giving back and sharing the gift of ART!


  1. I read about a blog a while ago where people make small softies and leave them at different places with a note like the one you left on your painting. The people who leave them post pictures on the blog and the whoever picks them up will hopefully email the blog to let them know the softie has a new home. I wish I could remember the name of the blog, it is such a generous idea!

  2. It sounds very similar to the Facebook site I linked in my post, check it out!

  3. I checked out the FB site "Art Abandonment". I am excited to make something and leave it at a random place for someone else to find. Thanks so much for sharing. If everyone did a random act of kindness such as this, the world would be a much nicer place.

  4. I think there are several groups out there doing this now and I really LOVE the spirit of it! I think they call in guerrilla art. One of the groups/individuals (no one really knows because it's been anonymous) that I read about would make these incredible carvings out of old books and leave them at libraries. Your paintings under the glass at the tables was an awesome idea.

  5. Thank you, it was such fun and For me it's all about giving back! I am excited to have my class tomorrow where we are going to leave some more gifts! I will have to look up guerilla art!

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