Thursday, September 27, 2012

Desert Patterns....

Hi there, Joanne Sharpe here ready to share 
some funky patterns from the desert!
My husband and i just returned from a little vacation in the Las Vegas desert where pattern was abound! The purpose sharing my trip is to illustrate the "art elements" that are right in front of us every single moment, no matter where we are.  We process images daily and can easily find creative inspiration in our surroundings at any time and in any place.  

I had such fun "pattern hunting" enjoying a visual feast  in Las Vegas.  It's such a fast paced place it never lends itself to the calm serenity i need when i sit down and sketch.  On this trip I was very aware of the fascinating "patterns" everywhere.  It's Las Vegas after all, one of the most whimsical, decorated, over done cities in the world.

Rather than sit and sketch in the mayhem of people everywhere, i photographed what i would draw and write about in my travel journal later.  Here are the patterns that caught my eye in the electric energy of out trip... beads cascading perfectly from a ceiling in a new casino...made for fun streaming lines and repeated shapes in my travel journal.

 ...a beautiful wall tapestry in a posh casino...this can be a great doodled journal page.
 ...even a JACKPOT pattern!  Now THAT'S a PATTERN! 
Yes, that was my lucky machine. 
 ....exotic window display patterns...always a sucker for leopard pattern. 
...breathtaking tile floor patterns....I was mesmerized by this design and couldn't wait to draw it in my sketchbook.   It was impossible for me, because it's very mathematical! 
 I challenge you to copy this pattern! 
....this floor in the Venetian hotel made me want to sew a quilt right on the spot!  
I think i am definitely going to explore this pattern for an art quilt.

 That was a fun trip of patterns.  Once you start looking, you notice there is pattern everywhere!  Keep a little tiny "Pattern Journal" handy to document interesting patterns that can become elements for you own art.  Enjoy!


  1. It makes me feel good to know there are other people out there taking photos of unexpected objects- my kids are always embarrassed by my floor and wall photo taking moments..

  2. Love this, the patterns and your colors.

  3. Great patterns Joanne - I'm loving those floor shots.

  4. I know that I have heard and seen people doing this. But for some reason today it clicks with me. I think that I'm going to look for patterns and shapes today that I can use in my journaling next week. Thanks for the inspiration.


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