Friday, September 21, 2012


I have always loved grids.  The consistent pattern gives us a framework for our imagination and that which seems constricting is actually freeing.

Frances Holliday Alford here, writing from the road.  We left on September 5 and flew to Iceland for four days.  Since then we have travelled across the Alsace region of France and  Switzerland.  We are back in Boston tonight and will start up the road to Vermont after a night's sleep.

I have tried all kinds of different patterns using a checkerboard grid, either regular or irregular.
I like using the multicolored pencils that you can buy in museum gift stores.  I experimented with these, first using a regular grid and then changing to a skewed grid.  Then I did a line drawing of fruit with a grid superimposed on top. 

While I was in Switzerland, I went into an art supplies store and bought Crayon de Arche water soluble crayons and a grid paper sketchbook.  I tried these two and really enjoyed the feel of the crayons.  

Trying a series of repeated patterns in squares result in something that reminds me of fabric designs.

I also painted on top of a grid with water color pencils. 

An architectural detail I saw on my trip were inspirations for grid patterns. Iceland, widows in the Lutheran Church.

The flower clock in Geneva. 

Candies in one of the incredible sweets stores.

And finally, a postcard I sent from Switzerland for one of the mail art winners.  I used some collage elements to define the cows, the edelweiss, and part of the mountains.  The rest was done with my watercolor pencils on a Strathmore postcard blank.  I want to spend more time in the Swiss Alps some day.

But, glad to be almost home.

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