Sunday, September 23, 2012

Henna patterns

Jane LaFazio here. Our pattern theme this month was an excuse to buy a little book on Henna tattoos (complete with henna pen to draw my own tattoos!)
pattern 1
The book had some great designs with easy starting designs, so I just doodled away on a piece of watercolor paper.
pattern 2
And why not make a card, with matching envelope! 


  1. hello
    your henna art is wonderful
    lively and full of beauty

    what a great place to find inspiration, a henna book.

  2. Love these. Don't forget to show us what you draw on yourself! ;-)

  3. Dear jane and Sketchbook artists, yesterday a grade seven class visited the Sketchbook Challenge and viewed several posts with me.They were starting their very own sketchbooks. I am often asked to teach art when I sub at my favourite school. We started henna art pages. They loved it! I am hoping they follow The Sketchbook Challenge too.


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