Friday, September 28, 2012

Make it your own with Pattern

Hello chickadees!  Kari here just popping in with another Pattern posting.  As I am getting ready for Art & Soul in Portland, this seemed the perfect time to show this!  Many times when students are in a workshop, they are learning new techniques and all the work looks like the instructors work.  It is completely fine to do that as you are practicing your new skill in class.  However, once you get home, you need to claim that new set of skills, and put your own mark on the techniques.  Your own special hand, make it your own.

Anyone who knows me knows how highly I think of Pam Carriker.  I adore her, and LOVE her style.  In CA this year, I got to take one of her workshops in person ((A JOY BEYOND MEASURE!!!))  We were working with Thermofax screens and faces from Pam's sketches.  I loved loved loved the class, but also really wanted to put my own mark on my finished piece.  I wanted a bit of me to be infused with what I was learning.  I found Pattern was my friend.  Very quickly my piece no longer looked like all the others in the room!  A white pen and a pattern or two, and I was tickled at a piece that started looking like someone else's style, and ended up being very me!


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