Sunday, September 30, 2012

Patterns from my Sketchbook

Traci Bunkers here! I'm going to give you a peek into my sketchbook to show you some of my patterns. I basically have 2 types that I'm showing here. The first version shows patterns that I've doodled in my sketchbook, and the second version shows patterns I've created from hand-carved stamps. When I feel like doing something in my sketchbook, but I just want to do some mindless drawing and I don't want to have to "think", I play with doodling patterns like these. - sketch-123111

I start by drawing the structure, then start adding the patterns and color with watercolor and markers. - sketch-121711

This is a great way to brainstorm ideas for motifs and patterns to use in my artwork. - sketch-121411

Plus, I find it very soothing to work this way. The next images are from my hand-carved stamps. - carving-day3-eraserb

I like carving simple designs from erasers that when stamped repeatedly, create a new pattern. - carving-day26

The top of this page in my sketchbook, along with some of the others, show some drawings to get an idea of what I wanted to carve. Then after carving the stamp, I played with stamping it in different directions to see the different patterns it would make. (The image in the bottom left is stamped from a different stamp.) - carving-day20

This stamped pattern can also be changed with different repeats, and use of color. - carving-day10

With this pattern, I carved a positive and negative version of the stamp so that I could get a different effect from coloring in both versions. - carving-day23c

This pattern looks very different between shifting it half of a repeat and a full repeat. - carving-day29

Here I had fun playing with color both horizontally and vertically to create an overall pattern.

Playing with stamped repeats is a quick way to create patterned backgrounds. It's also an easy way to try out different repeats and color combinations by either stamping with different colors, or by coloring in with different colors.

I like to have different challenges on my blog from time to time, to help keep me motivated to make art. Both of these types of patterns were done from those challenges--30 Days of Drawing and 30 Days of Carving. Starting October 1st, I'm doing another round of 30 Days of Get Your Art On. I'd love for to to join me!


  1. These patterns are great I like the top two the most

  2. Gosh it's interesting to see the difference you get from putting your stamps down in a half or full repeat.

  3. I clicked on your 20 days of Carving...I can't wait to get a couple of erasers and give this a shot...then maybe the 'artist' thing will work with my daughter ;)...when I clicked over, I noticed in the corner of the blog a photo of the book that got me started on art journaling.....and discovered that it is YOUR book!!! I purchased the book at Hobby Lobby two months ago because it was very basic and I wanted to learn something that was 'artistic' and since I can't draw I thought this would be a great medium for me. Oh my created a 'mad for art journaling' crazy woman ;) I absolutely love it and I owe it all to your amazingly simple to follow book....and encouragement that is provided in the book ;) Anyway...I just wanted to say that I just now put 2 + 2 together ;) Thanks so much for turning me on to art...and I can't wait to give making my own stamps a shot.

  4. P.S. although I don't get much traffic at my art journal blog (maybe one day) I would love to have the book button on the side.


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