Monday, September 24, 2012

Patterns in Photos

Leslie here.  I find myself looking for patterns in natural and human-made objects all the time.  I want to share some recent images I captured:
The brick walkway near the Long Beach marina.

Looking into the bottom of a glass.

Graffiti seen on the street in New York.

The gnarled base of a tree in Santa Monica

An ironic image of these bold, graphic signs

Bamboo stalks

Inlaid stone in the Japanese portion of Huntington garden in Pasadena CA

To me, this looks like a quilt!

Lotus pods.  Be still my heart!

Patterns are everywhere around us.  I love to snap images to look at on my computer.  They inform some of the surface design work I do on cloth and paper.  In a couple more days I'll show you how my photos frequently inspire my drawings.  

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