Saturday, September 22, 2012

patterns on the ipad

Sue B here...

I bought myself a new stylus for my Ipad and decided to test it out by doodling some patterns...

black and white patterns...

Patterns with color...

inspired by a trip to the city...

All of these were done in Paper by 53 app and the stylus I'm using is a LunaTik Alloy stylus/ ink pen. 


  1. Sue, is that the polymer or the alloy stylus you are using?

  2. I'm using the alloy one:

    I really like it. It's heavier and thicker than my other stylus's so it feels good in my hand. And the bonus is that it's a real pen too.

  3. Fun App, thanks for providing the link.

  4. How cool is this app... I never knew. The ipad is just an amazing tool. Technology can be awesome. Thank you for sharing.


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