Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Play on Words

Jamie Fingal, checking in. I am working on a new series in my life as an art quilter, all based on dresses.  Having a little love affair with patterns, proportions, colors and textures.  So, this is my take on 'patterns' with line drawings on shipping tags. You may be wondering if I really have a sketchbook?  Lots of them, but the shipping tag has become my favorite thing to draw and paint on.  Looking at 'patterns' as a play on words.

simple line drawing with a fine tip Sharpie, and I was quite happy with myself, because I didn't have to use a pencil first, and then erase the lines.

Now that I think about it, patterns are the start of everything where my art is concerned

I often make a pattern on large graph paper, to not only get the size of the piece correct, but to make a focus piece for the top.  Some patterns I keep, and some I simply recycle

There are 'patterns' in fabrics, which brings whatever you are making to life
Great shapes and colors on actual patterns, that I have saved through the years.  The dress pattern on top is still in style.

Instructions for making a dress for a 12" doll.  Barbie is coming to mind.  I would imagine that this is from the 60's.  Cut on the fold.

'Dress Up' with scissors, measuring tape,dresses, color, shape and fun!  12x12 stretched around canvas
The patterns in the black and white fabrics stand out on this dress.  And the patterns in the red background are more subtle.

The patterns in the fabrics actually help bring out the focus point of the dress into play.  The dress has it's own patterns, texture and color.


  1. Oh Jamie, I love your patterns on tags and your dress pieces! How wonderfully creative you are! Beautifully done.

  2. LOL!! Great minds think alike!!!! Now I'll have to upload my "patterns" page. :)

    Love this post. Thanks!

  3. Oh, I love your dress patterns - I would never have thought of that! I really like the idea of using tags,too. Great ideas - thank you.


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