Monday, September 10, 2012

Stamp Patterns

Hi all, Carol Sloan here.

I love the theme "patterns" as they seem to be everywhere!
And it's so easy to create one.

I've been working in my sketchbook on a couple of new ideas that involved creating hand carved stamps.

Here are three simple, simple stamps -

Now here is a simple pattern made from the repeat of one of those stamps.

Or what about this one?

This pattern was created by turning the stamp before applying it to the paper.

You could create an endless array of patterns using simple shapes.

This was the last one that I made using the three simple stamps. There are four lines of stamped images, repeated in the same sequence.

Check out your clothing,furniture, drapes or carpet - they may all contain simple images that have been repeated in order to create a pattern.
When you spot them, try sketching them out or carving a stamp and creating your own pattern out of them!


  1. I love this! I have really enjoyed carving stamps and am just beginning to see all the possibilities for patterns by combining and turning and repeating. Yours are great. Love the wonderful handmade look.

  2. I am due to carve another stamp for my journaling...a pattern sounds fun. I need to do this asap! Why haven't I yet?! Thank you for the inspiration!


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