Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Collection of Shrine Quilts

Jamie Fingal checking in on, what is in the cabinet of curiosities.  Several years ago, I started a shrine series of art quilts, which are really little cabinets of things, so I thought they would be appropriate to this theme.  'Seeing Red' 2007  These were created out of my love for assemblage, but done in fabric and thread with embellishments.

'Shrine to Pretty Little Things' 2008; Take a peek inside this chest.  This one was quite a departure for me, and made specifically for a book, that the publisher asked for.  I do love the little black dress and the black high heels!

The art of collecting things that have been recycled to create something entirely different.  'Soulful Rubbish' 2006.  You can click on the photo to see it larger.

'Make Time for Art' 2007, which is pretty much my phrase for my artistic life.  It too, has pieces that will surprise you.  So, what is in your cabinet of curiosities?


  1. Just absolutely amazingly lovely!

  2. Love your cabinets of curiosities, what fun you must of had making these!!

  3. These are so charming and creative, and we love the embellishments. Normally we think of shrines as three-dimensional assemblages; we are delighted so see 'cabinets' done as art quilts. Thank you for this inspiring post!


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