Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cabinet of Computer Curiosities

This is Kristin, with my first post here. I've been enjoying The Sketchbook Challenge from the sidelines, and I'm pleased to have been invited to join in here on the blog. We have a Cabinet of Curiosities at home. Ours is just filled with old computer parts an accessories. 

I decided to draw it last week. Starting with a page already decorated with paper flowers (thank you Melanie Testa for encouraging me to just put stuff on a page and decide what to do with it later), I went straight in with a fine pen to draw the cabinet. My intention with the pen was to go a bit gestural and loose, but there's not really much gesture in a cabinet, is there? I was getting bogged down and didn't like the drawing. So, I set it aside for a week or so. It's perfectly OK to do that if you're not happy with a project's direction.

Today, inspired by the use here of grids and boxes as containers for one's curiosities, and knowing that zooming in almost always makes things more intriguing, I added another layer to my drawing. I drew details of the cabinet's contents right on top of the original drawing, using pencil and several pens -- to include a nice bold Sharpie. 

The cabinet drawing now provides some context, and an interesting layer of line texture and scale. The zoomed in drawings, while simple, are a little unexpected and, in my opinion, perk up my pretty pedestrian drawing of the cabinet.


  1. I like your grid drawings. I find that looking at objects up close are much more interesting.

  2. I really like that you layered your page!


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