Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cabinet of Curiosities

Kari popping in at a dead run.  Cabinet of Curiosities.  Hmmm.  I struggled a bit with this one.  I have to admit that this month I have been particularly busy, and perhaps that is the reason my mind drew a blank on this topic.  I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's take on the subject!  It has really got the 'little grey cells' churning!  I love it when that happens, working out ideas and topics in my sketchbook.  I think I was stumped by the title "Cabinet of Curiosities."  When I hear that, my mind goes to bugs pinned to boards, plant and animal skeletons.  The OLD SCHOOL way of thinking.  And I am NOT particularly fond of bugs or skeletons. To be frank, they give me the willies.  Therefore, I don't spend much of my sketching time on them.  I AM, however a HUGE fan of Joseph Cornell's work.  He made assemblages in wood boxes, or 'portable shrines' as some called them.  Several years back, I did a small series of wood box assemblages, as I was doing self assigned research on Cornell.  I pulled them back out into daylight, and voila' I had my very own CoC's to sketch!  I'm pressed for time, and don't know how I'll use the sketches in my art work yet, so I just quick sketched everything in a rough working journal so that I can have them for later use.  It was a fun challenge, and I'm glad I pressed on through.  I've re visited my Cornell notes, and I think later this winter, some more assemblage type box collections are in my future. 

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