Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Terry Grant here. My plan, for this month, was to draw some of the odd assortment of things that I keep in my old china cupboard/cabinet of curiosities. It has been a busy month. What can I say? I did manage to draw my little Navajo vase today and thought I'd show you a trick I like for trying out different techniques on a drawing.

I drew a little line drawing of the vase first. BTW, a Navajo wedding vase is a traditional shape that is made to be used in wedding ceremonies and has two spouts, one for the bride and one for the groom, to drink from. Mine is from the San Ildefonso pueblo where they make the highly polished black pottery.

Once I have my simple line drawing, I scan it and then print several copies. I print them on drawing paper, cut to the size my printer accepts. Then you can play with them without messing up your original.

For the first one I used some markers. I had purchased these in several shades of gray to do value studies for a class I took recently and thought it might be interesting to try using them to render a grayscale drawing. The markers went right over one of my copies.

I used my fine point pigma pen on the second copy. I wanted to try to achieve the effect of the highly reflective black glaze on the vase using a crosshatching technique.

Depending on what kind of ink or toner your printer uses you can experiment with wet media over the copies as well. As long as you keep your original line drawing pristine you can make as many copies and try all kinds of things with that little headstart of the original drawing.


  1. I love the drawing Terry and how you changed it based on the type of marker/pen that you used. Great idea!

  2. What a great idea this is Terry, I"m going to try this.


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