Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inside My Sketchbook Cabinet

Jamie Fingal checking in on a cabinet of curiosities.  I thought that using my Moleskin Storybook Journal would give me a sense of these small items being in cabinet.  They are one inch or so squares.  This one is about what is inside my imagination of shapes, patterns and fun!

I just happen to be on vacation in Hawaii right now, so my subjects are things that I am seeing all around me.

and the airplane, flying to Kauai from Los Angeles. What's inside your sketchbook cabinet?


  1. Are you in Kauai?? We will be there next month. Love the Kaui sketches
    Inchie tangles! What a great idea. Got to try this. Trouble is all my blogging is stealing my art time.

  2. I had pretty much the same idea!--repurposing what is the traditional grid-pattern of a comic book page as a "shadowbox" or "cabinet of curiosities" drawing inside each compartment interesting objects real or imaginary...

  3. your doodles are so fun and have inspired me to get out my own sketchbook and pen! i hope you had a wonderful trip and are resting at home right now.

  4. what a great idea, and stunning sketches

  5. Love your sketches but I am totally jealous you are sketching in Hawaii! Have a wonderful vacation!

  6. I love these, so simple and yet so great! Makes me want to doodle and draw. I love the way the page is separated :)


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