Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Inside the Sketchbook Cabinet

Jamie Fingal signing in to bring you more drawings from inside my sketchbook cabinet. I am digging this Moleskin Storybook Journal, where the squares at the back are about a 1" square.  There is room on the side to write, but I drew in additional squares to create my sketchbook cabinet. I collect buttons and use them in many of my art quilts. I love the different shapes and patterns

This is a very quick drawing of what I could see from where I was sitting in our family room.  I hope that you are inspired to create your own sketchbook cabinet.


  1. i like the way the boxes define the space on your pages. i am looking around my house and can see lots of things to put in my own CoC. :-)

  2. love these little thumbnail drawings Jamie.


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