Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Cabinet construction continues....

Desiree here, I have finished a new section of my cabinet and here it is! I choose to add a vertical section to display some of Jennifer's dead pets, these are ones we bought not caught!

I sketched and painted them first in watercolor. Then I transferred my sketches to the main painting surface. I have to use acrylic paint since watercolor will just bead up on the surface we have created.
I have cut these out and placed them around the painting to see where I like them. You could always use gel medium to attach if you wanted adding a bit of dimension to the piece but I decided to paint directly onto the surface so I can age them better.

Here is my cabinet so far, I added some labels and pins to my dead pets. I also gave them shadows to appear to be floating about the background as they do when they are pinned. How is your cabinet coming along? 


  1. What is it about bugs? So intriguing. Love it!

  2. such a vivid addition! i'm loving the way your CoC is filling up.

  3. How is your cabinet coming along?

    Mine isn't, but I'm thoroughly enjoying yours!

  4. ohhhh I really like it so far!! Can't wait to see if finished!

  5. Your csbinet is amazing! Can't wait to see what goes in the last cubby!!


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