Friday, November 2, 2012

autumn in new england

Sue B here....

One of the best things about living in New England is watching the seasons change and each year when summer gives way to fall the landscape colors change from shades of green to shades of reds, yellows and oranges.

The trees let go of all their leaves and the yard is covered with leaves and acorns.   It's a wonderful transformation to watch and I look forward to it each year.  

I am really loving this storyboard moleskin notebook.  The squares along the edges are like little detail windows into the subject that you're exploring on the page.  The pages are sort of a vanilla color which I haven't used and they take colored pencil (which I've used here) very nicely.

What does your landscape look like where you live when the season changes from summer to fall?


  1. I'm enjoying your storyboard Moleskine sketches too. I really like the contrast in scale between the center drawings and the details in the boxes. I need to get one of those. :-)

  2. Such a sweet piece of artwork, very nicely done, maybe even better than the real thing! :)

  3. Just like that!:) What a great idea using the center like that...guess that's next on my purchasing list!

  4. Love it Sue! I am going to have to run get one of those sketchbooks! I love any form of box or grid!