Monday, November 5, 2012

...spicy sketchbook hues...

Joanne Sharpe here....The beautiful warm cozy hues of autumn fill these shorter days.  As a resident of upstate New York, my soul gets supercharged with color for the entire month of October, delighted by a palette that only nature can reap in perfection.  I'm sad when November comes as the color filled trees that burst orange, violet, scarlet and mahogany, drop yellow and brown leaves to the cold and muddy ground.  
 In thinking of this topic, i pulled some of my sketchbook art and a free motion sewing project (the heart at top of this page) that captured the spicy hues present this month of November.  These are journal pages i have done all year, using a warm rich color palette.  Loving orange!  All are inspired by the richness of the spicy autumn hues that fill these days, even if they were done in the summer.

 ...this doodle painted in March, suggests the richness of autumn...

 ...celebrating the seasons in bold bright colors every day...that is MY spice of life!
...dump out your colored pencils, watercolors and inks and "find your spicy"!


  1. Gorgeous! Color has always been the spice of my life... probably why I ended up as a tie-dyer! These are very exciting examples!

  2. You can't! Great all inspiring COLOR!

  3. Those colours are beautiful! I love Autumn for the exact same reason :D


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