Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Fun Gift Tradition Gets Sketchy

San Antonio Santas
(on my front porch)

Gorgeous light display in San Antonio

Happy Holidays from Leslie!  I know many of you are probably trying to find the floor of your house again (I know I am).  Maybe, and I hope this is the case, some of you are sitting, feet propped up, cuppa in-hand, taking a little break after all the festivities.
I thought I would tell you about a gift tradition that we have had since our kids were really small.
Each year I hide 3 ornaments on our tree on the morning of the holiday:  a red carrot, a purple fish, and a bright green pickle.  After each kid finds the ornament they have to find the gift with the matching symbol on it.  The last few years the gifts have been in envelopes, usually massages and pedicures or some other form of pampering.  Even though the girls are adults, we still get a kick out of doing this.  I think I would (I mean Santa would) be in trouble if it got overlooked.  Sort of like the tooth fairy who (oopsy!) forgets to appear during the night..

Regardless of which holidays you choose to celebrate, I hope you are having a wonderful month.
I wish everyone who stops by a healthful, creative New Year.  Do you have a fresh sketchbook?
Let's get started!!  Woo Hoo!

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