Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Collections of 12 for 12/12/12

Celebrate 12/12/12 by Sharing the Joy of Handmade Art with Collections of 12 Things that are related to Art - our 'Gifts' to you!
Jamie Fingal - 12 shipping tags of memories from my childhood
Pam Carriker-First 12 Poetic Portrait Stamps off the production line, including one mounted on wood and signed by the man who actually hand cuts and mounts all of Stampington & Co's stamps
Kelli Nina Perkins - 12 Stitch Alchemy bookmarks, wild and wondrous!

Jane Davies here, with a collection (one of many) of MARKS, each one different, in an exercise designed to increase visual vocabulary, mark-making ideas.  Plus, it's just FUN!
Jane LaFazio here, with twelve cool pencil/paint brush holders made with my own cool fabric. 

Judy Coates Perez here, with 12 painted, stitched and embossed Fiesta Ornaments ready to sparkle on the tree

and 12 felted wool ornaments with a tutorial for making them here.

Carol Sloan here - adding a collection of 12 handmade books.

Kari McKnight Holbrook with 12 packs of Sculpey's Premo! Clay that are being made into gifts even as you are reading this post:-} - 12 of my journals for 12/12/12
Traci Bunkers here - here is a collection of 12 of my visual journals 

Me too! I'm Deborah and I'm loving these twelve spools of thread.

 Frances Holliday Alford here with 12 handmade Christmas Cards
and 12 Daily Collages.

Terry Grant here. Twelve of my many, many pairs of old and interesting scissors. It all begins with a pair of scissors!

Leslie Tucker Jenison here.  Twelve pieces of my own hand-dyed & screen printed silk.
I have 11 more sets of 12 on my blog so please stop by!

Lyric Kinard here with 12 favorite ways to color my world!


Kristin La Flamme, a little late to the party, with twelve of my favorite fabrics (there's tons more in my stash of course).

12 favorite fabrics on 12/12/12


  1. Very inspiring sets of arty dozens. Nice!

  2. I love seeing what everyone else posted! Great idea Jamie!

  3. What a great way to honor 12/12/12 & the 12 Days of Christmas. As well ( not second by any means) Honoring your fellow artists friends... Makes me think what do I have 12 of????