Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Dates, Apricots and Prunes

Dates, Apricots and Prunes

Hi,  its Frances.  I almost didn't make my Artist's Date, but here I am.

I had a few dates this month.  I had Jane Davies here with me for an overnight.  We quickly visited my studio before she headed home after having had her life drawing class the night before.  You may have seen the picture she took of the two of us.  I need to say that we had only been up a short time and had not had our coffee.

Jory, Jen and Emily have been meeting me once a week to work on collage.  Our next project is Serendipity Cards, organized by Jory.  They work a little like Tarot Cards but use our own images.  She is suggesting that we cut pictures from National Geographic.  I will do this, but I think I will want to do one with my own drawings as well.

Rebecca, my niece was here for a week, she just left today.  She and the other Jen and I spent all day Saturday working in my studio.

 I made the preliminary painting on fabric for a book cover commission I have.  The end result will show up in February.

Dante and I are taking a daily photograph of the progress of our Gingerbread House after being put out to the elements.  Today we could see a little more of the roof line after a heavy snow nearly covered it all.  They give new meaning to 

December 31 was the official close to my Collage a Day project.  I am working on the framing and sorting of 366 images and will hang them in the Vermont Institute for Contemporary Art some time in the spring.    Here is a collection of only August, hung in order in my kitchen.

I have been working on an embellished piece for Fritz's  sister.  Her birthday is in February so I have chosen purple as a nod to her birthstone.

As you can see, I have been busy.  Right now, I am looking out at MORE SNOW.   The view from Fritz's driveway.

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  1. Frances, I love seeing assemblages of the collage-a-day pieces. What an amazing sight it will be to see them all framed and hanging in one place! I can't wait for the pics!!