Sunday, January 20, 2013

Date to see Frances, and a Drawing Session

Jane Davies here.  You all have been on such adventures!  My recent artist's date was to a figure drawing session at Vermont Institute of Contemporary Art in Chester, about an hour from me.  This is not an instructional class, but a drawing session for artists.  I've been twice, and will go a few more times before the series ends.  It is fabulous to be with a group of artists, all working together, and NOBODY is looking at or talking about the drawings; everybody is deep into the process of seeing and drawing and not concerned about what the drawing Looks Like. We're all there for our own reasons; many of the others are abstract painters and collage artists, like me.  But we're all there just practicing seeing and drawing.  Here are a few samples, all on 18"x24" done in graphite:

This one is scanned in sections and put together in Photoshop.  The others are photographed.

And since Frances, one of our Sketchbook Challenge authors,  lives nearby, she invited me to stay with her!  The session ends at 9:00, and it was lovely not to have to drive an hour back to Rupert.  Here area  few pix from my visit to Frances' place:
Frances's "Embellishments Room"!!!

Me taking a picture of us, just to prove it actually happened.

One of the many GORGEOUS fiber pieces in the studio.

We should all have PINK Christmas trees!
THANKS so much, Frances, for the inspiring visit!!  I'll try to get in another artist's date before the end of the month.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Sounds like you both had a great visit! I love that embellishment room...

  2. Drawing, and a friend -- sounds perfect!

  3. I think visiting Frances would be the ultimate artist's date!

  4. Looks like you had a great time and that embellishment room is fab!