Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inspiration Walk

Inspired by this month's theme of "artist date," I decided to take a long walk with our dog Lincoln -- but to really make it specifically and intentionally about being open to inspiration.

Hoping to capture some random, interesting shots, I rigged up my iPhone so it hung from the middle of my chest and set it to take a shot every 4 seconds. I did find myself leaning over or leaning up or pausing in a particular spot with hopes of getting a good shot, but mostly these are just random.

I ended up with 522 shots and I'm pulling these 7 to share with you... and to hold onto as potential inspiration.

Gumball seed pods on bare branches.

As I was walking, I was fighting various irritations. I was using a new leash and it wasn't working properly. One of my feet was achy. I had not turned off the sound on the iPhone camera and the clicking shutter was annoying.

I had to work at ignoring those irritations. It wasn't easy. It's a metaphor for the creative life, I suppose. If we are honest about artist dates, I think we have to admit that sometimes they don't go as desired.

Bare trunk dividing the picture dramatically in half.

Dense trees. Various browns in contrast to the gray sky.

This is my very favorite shot. I would never intentionally compose a shot this way, but I love that vast expanse of gray sky with branches and rooftops just barely at the bottom of the image.

Gray. Cloudy. January.

Can you see the size of the turkey buzzards on that roof top? This was the most exciting part of my walk. There were at least 15 of the birds on various rooftops. They are so big. And so ugly!

Buzzard sentinels.

This shot is really about the amazing color of the moss on this tree trunk.

Spotty, bright green moss.

More gumball seed pods, this time scattered on the street in an interesting wavy pattern.

Grass. Curb. Leaves. Seed pods.

Later this month, I think I'll pull out some paint and pens and take this inspiration to my sketchbook. For now, I'm happy to let these images just simmer a bit.

I'll also leave you with the idea that anything can be an "artist date" if you go into it with the intention of seeking inspiration and "filling the well." A walk, a drive, a trip to the grocery store...


  1. What a lovely journey through photos you have shared!

  2. What a great idea, I'd never have thought of that, and the pics are so different.

  3. I love the gumball seed pods. I have several in my studio for inspiration. I also love that you took photos with the phone around your neck! Totally cool idea!

  4. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really like the idea of "filling the well." Different things fill it for me at different times. I spent 3 hours chatting with someone tonight The topics were so varied and I do feel as if my well has been filled.

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  7. I love your photos, I do the same as I take my walks, thanks for letting us got with you on your artist walk!

  8. Such an interesting idea, thanks for sharing your walk (and the annoyances!!) I do like the idea of the random photos, rather than stopping and looking for artistic shots. Best wishes Kate

  9. What a gret idea to take photos this way and you got some great shots!

  10. I walk all the time, but it never occurred to me to do this. I love seeing how you found beautiful inspiration in the seemingly mundane.


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