Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Inspired Gathering

Leslie here.  I'm part of a little side-project of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild.  A portion of the membership is participating in a monthly gathering to explore the lessons in a book by Jean Wells, "Inspired Art Quilting".  Many of the exercises relate to drawing and sketching, so I thought it might be worth sharing here.
here is a link to more information

During our first meeting we discussed sketchbooks.  Everyone brought one or two sketchbooks and we passed them around so we could peek into them.  Jean Wells discusses some of the ways she uses a sketchbook and encourages the reader to develop this habit.  
As part of the fun, each of us selected a piece of paper in a bag with a word written on it.  The idea was to do some writing about the word, then create a drawing based on the word.  It was fun to see what everyone created.  This group plans to meet monthly, a chapter and set of exercises per month, and develop a finished textile construction that will encompass some of the skills that will be worked on throughout the experience.  Here are a few pics from our meeting.
We were fortunate to meet in a private room of a local restaurant, 
where one of our members is the manager!

Guess whose spot this is?!  Why am I alway so messy?
Besides all this, I brought my travel set of gouache paints.

Here are the sketchbooks after completion of our drawings!

I wonder how many of you are in a sketching or design group?  Are you thinking about forming one, or have you been in a drawing group in the past?  I would be interested to know about it!  Please leave a comment and tell me what you are doing!


  1. Hi there, I'm new to this blog and loving the ideas. I'd love to create a group but wouldn't know where to start! I'll be reading your posts with interest to see what others do. Thanks

  2. I saw your blog thru the sketchbook challenge... I wanted to comment about your " messy" comment. Because I am the same way, LOL! My friend told me something that helped... I create order out of chaos and that "creative clutter is better than tidy idleness! I loved that, and it helped me accept my act of creating out of chaos! (It's so silly, sometimes I have like less than a 12" square to create in

  3. I'm glad you found our blog and hope you come back and visit often, art alive! As to how to start a group: find some like-minded individuals and a place to meet

    Erents, thanks for stopping by both the SBC blog as well as my own. I agree with you about messiness: I really make a mess when I am working, but I'm trying (really trying) to tidy up after each project. I'm more likely to re-engage in more work if I can find my work tables! LOL