Friday, February 1, 2013

February's Theme- *Sweets! Sugar and spice and everything nice.*

***************************** February's Theme **********************************

**SWEETS!, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!**

Desiree here! I am excited to be the one to come up with this months theme. I thought something sweet and fun was called for this month!! I look forward to seeing everyones art here and on the Flickr group!

When I think of February and Valentines day along with all the birthdays we have in our family I can't help but think of sweets.  I love all sorts of sweets, candy, cookies, cakes, you name it I love it, but not necessarily to eat. LOL I know, I am a bit weird, I like to paint them. I will occasionally eat sweets but not as often as you might think. I love the look of them! The colors, textures, the candy coatings that shine, the sugar topped donuts that look so irresistible! I spend as much time photographing sweets as I do people. While traveling I love to hit the bakeries and photograph their sugary displays set up to entice the passer by's to stop and sample. While others are filling their plates in a dessert buffet I am taking pictures. It isn't always the easiest place to sketch while people are trying to eat. At church, the donuts are always in plenty and as everyone passes by and grabs one, I have my phone out, taking pictures, a different way to feel satisfied without the calories. but sometimes they even take a better photo with a bite taken out of them.

I like to sketch all sorts of sweets that can later be transformed into amazing art! 

I love to take my whimsical sketches and transform them into mini quilts, cards etc. 

 For this one I took the same painted collaged cupcake out of my sketchbook and put it into photoshop where I adjusted the hews and made a new collaged piece that is easily printed onto fabric for a nice mini- art quilt.

My compulsion with sweets helped me when I started to design my newest fabric line, Lil Miss Cutie Patootie's Sweet Shoppe available this Fall! 
One of the panel pieces in my newest fabric line called "Gumdrops and Lollipops"

Candy Apples in Vegas!

My February Sketch groups challenge was to paint chocolate covered strawberries before they ate them!

Cupcakes in pastel
I photograph them, eat them, sketch them, paint them, sweets are the best, they are the ultimate comfort food in every way. The possibilities are endless when you enjoy playing with your food! I hope you enjoy this months sweet challenge and explore a new way to get your sugar fix.

To see more of my sweet posts follow the link, I included my Valentine post from last year!


  1. Yum! Such delicious paintings.

  2. I really love the idea of photographing and painting sweets. I should try it more often, as I eat far too many! Beautiful work!

  3. Beautiful, fun, and tasty! I'm going to get some now- thank you for the inspiration!

  4. I love how you have done the images for your mini art quilt and your little sweet shop is soooo pretty.
    I have had a go at sketching a tarte tatin here

  5. Hi everyone! I am loving all the sweets artwork. I had to create a quick design for my photography class and posted it on my blog. Hope you will take a look.

  6. What a fun challenge blog! My entry is posted at

  7. I recently came across this blog via the book, and am in love with the idea it provides!!! After reading the blog theme for Feb., I was inspired to use something sweet in the picture I was entering in a fan art contest on Facebook!!! You can see it on my blog here!!!