Monday, February 18, 2013

Not TOO Sweet

Kristin here. I'm not really that sweet. My color palette isn't sweet, and my subject matter doesn't tend that way either. Not too long ago, I was challenged with a Sweet theme for the international art quilt challenge group Twelve by Twelve. My first foray was Bittersweet.

But I LOVE chocolate, so that's where I went for this month's Sketchbook Challenge theme!
Sweet Roses

"No really, I have to eat this chocolate -- it's for ART!"

I started by smoothing foil wrappers and adhering them to my page with matte medium. A grid is always a good place to start when you're not sure what direction you're going to go.

Inspired by the roses my husband gave me for Valentine's day, I made verrrrrrrrry loose gestural drawings of the buds on tracing paper. I painted white gesso on the back of the drawing, defining the background area, and then used matte medium again to adhere the whole thing on top of the foil background. There wasn't as much contrast between the white background and the flowers as I would have liked (more transparent trace or washi paper would have worked better). No worries, I was going to add pattern anyway.

It's important to blend elements when making a collage like this so that it doesn't look like you just glued a bunch of stuff on a page. My go-to techniques are a limited color palette (red, black, silver and pink in this case), and doodle-like patterning. I added leaves for their clean, graphic contrast to the loose flowers. In most cases, I work with the rule of three until the composition looks finished and balanced in some way.

I encourage you to find a wrapper or other ephemera, adhere it to a page, and through layering, see where it takes you. It might be a sweet surprise.

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  1. ohhhh, love the wrappers on your page. I've thought of using Hersey's kisses but haven't gotten to it yet.