Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweeet Colors Again

Jane Davies here.  With another attempt at sweet colors.  You can see my first attempt here.  This time I'm trying not to get into the realm of hot colors, as in hot pink, but to stay on the sweet side.

Yesterday I launched a project I'm calling 4"x4"x400 in which I am challenging myself to make 400 pieces of 4"x4" art.  And this isn't just cutting up rejects into pieces that measure 4"x4".  I do start with 8"x8" sheets, develop them part way, then cut them into 4"x4" and try to resolve each piece individually.  It is all about working in series, and I invite you to come along for the ride.

In that spirit, I made some 4"x4" art in sweet colors.  Here are two of the 8"x8"sheets:

See?  I managed to stick to real Easter candy, nursery, baby shower colors!  This is tough for me because I usually favor bright colors and neutrals, not pastels. 

Out of eight 4"x4" pieces, so far I have four finished, or sort of finished:

I find it a challenge to work this small, but doing "Teeny Tiny Art" is my rebound from "Big Fat Art", which I've also been doing recently.  I hope you'll look at my 4x4x400 post; there is a video tutorial there and a free pdf download on Working In Series.  Have fun!


  1. Love these Jane. It is funny to see you working in this palette but I like them a lot. They look like SPRING which I am hoping is just around the corner!!!!!

  2. Love the sweet colours and your creations. And I'm tempted to join in with the 4x4 challenge.