Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweets for the Sweets!

Desiree here!For our sketch class this month I had everyone bring a sweet goodie to share, we had cookies and candy in wonderful Valentines colors to paint. We then discussed creating a nice composition, even in your sketchbooks good composition can improve the look of your sketch and painting. If you are setting up a still life it is best if you have the different components touch each other so they look like they belong together. Instead of painting each component separately we arranged them and then painted them. Everyone's page was unique and different, filled with lots of yummy things. The hardest part was having to wait until the paintings and sketches were finished before we could dig in and eat the delicious treats. Your sketches and paintings don't have to be perfect, any cookie or piece of candy will do, just jump in and enjoy the process. We talked about how to achieve textures, like cookie surfaces verses candy surfaces. Playing with paint is learning!
 These sweet paintings make wonderful Valentines Cards for your special friends! Why don't you make a few and share them, art is a gift, share some today!

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